"Love, Loyalty and Friendship in Every Brew"

Coldbrew Co LLC
Our Products
  1. Cold Brew Concentrate
    1.0 L Bottles of Claddagh Coldbrew Concentrate. Over a gallon of Specialty grade cold brew to enjoy hot or cold.
    Cold Brew Concentrate
  2. "Nitro" Draft Cold Brew Coffee
    Claddagh's nitrogen infused cold brew coffee, with a silky mouth-feel and rich, creamy flavor.
    "Nitro" Draft Cold Brew Coffee

Claddagh Coldbrew's concentrate coffee comes in 1 Liter bottles ready for home and office delivery. Each bottle providing over one gallon of premium, Specialty grade, ready to drink coffee, without the hassle or waste of machines and presses. Mix with the suggested 1:3 ratio or to taste, for an amazing hot or iced drink. When every last drop of this "black gold" has been enjoyed, you just rinse and recycle.

Our "Nitro" Draft Cold Brew is currently only available in 5 gallon kegs, to be served through special "stout" taps that create a beautiful cascade of bubbles and creamy mouth-feel. Whether you find us at a local farmer's market, at your favorite restaurant or pub, invite us to serve for an event or contract us to set up a kegerator system at your work, you can be sure that from the first sip to the last, our "Nitro" will satisfy your need for a coffee adventure. 

For all your pricing and ordering needs, head to our Contact page. For those folks local to the Olympia, Washington area, we recommend that you subscribe to our delivery program to receive two or three bottles every other week. Pay three months in advance and receive a discounted price. Claddagh Coldbrew Concentrate will also be available locally, so check our "Find Us" page frequently for updates.