"Love, Loyalty and Friendship in Every Brew"

Coldbrew Co LLC
"Light yourself on fire with Passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn" - John Wesley

Our Passion at Claddagh Coldbrew is developing hand crafted cold brewed coffee products. Using only 100% organic coffee, locally roasted in small batches and brewed within 48 hours, we maximize freshness and flavor. 

Whether it's our "Nitro" on tap, Concentrate delivered to your home or office, or a Ready To Drink offering, you'll taste the difference our passion makes.

Claddagh Coldbrew's passion to create exceptional cold brewed coffee, starts with the best organic Specialty coffee available, roasted with care in small batches, rested and then brewed immediately to maximize flavor and freshness.

Claddagh's "Nitro" draft coffee is infused with nitrogen and delivered from a stout tap, giving a creamy mouth-feel and coffee drinking experience like no other.
Our cold brewed concentrate gives flexibility and convenience without machines or clean up, while maintaining the highest standards in specialty coffee. 
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